Peace and Harmony trapped in one library

Haiku simulates the vibrant sound of a plucked string instrument without making it unnatural. With the help of Haiku's clear but powerful interface, you can create otherworldly plucks with ease.

Sometimes less is more
Haiku was designed to be ram friendly and realistic at the same time. You can get gorgeous sounds without using expensive computers or huge sample libraries.
Simple and clean interface
You can access all the instruments from 1 .nki file to ensure nothing disrupts your workflow.
treat your sound gently
With the 3 send fx, you can add extra character to your instrument without using other plugins.
Twist and shape beyond reality
With the humanizer control, you can control how much randomization you want to your instrument. However, if you prefer chaos, you can mutate my precious plucks into anything weird with the fully automatable knobs.

Listen Haiku in action

Specs & Requirements

15 different plucked instruments in 1 .nki file

Controllable randomization for more natural sounding

3 send fx with automatable knobs

RAM and CPU friendly

Kontakt 5.6.5 or higher

710 MB free disk space
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